Kurmasansa – Tortoise posture
Photo by Tim Pakron

Urdhva Dhanurasasna – Inverted Bow Posture
photo by Tim Pakron

Parsva Bakasana – Side Crane Posture

Picture by Tim Pakron

Baddha Padmasana                              Ustrasana
Bound Lotus                                             Camel Variation
Picture by Tim Pakron                          Picture by Tim Pakron

Maya Tulum Yoga Retreat w/Tim Miller
Parivrtta Trikonasana – Revolved Triangle

Sirsasana – Headstand    Roatan, Honduras

Me – Happy!


3 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. I have always wanted to learn how to do the Parsva Bakasana – Side Crane Posture pose but just cannot seem to get it. Any tips or suggestions?

    • I actually do have some tips. But 1st can you do Bakasana? Side is easier, even though people never believe me when I say that. Can you do side crane with both elbows supporting your femur? For that variation it really is a matter of the elbows acting as the fulcrum point. As most people are afraid of falling they do not lean enough into the position to tip the head far enough over to lift the weight of the feet/hips. All arm balances you have to push up, not sink down. Imagine a vaccuum energy at you navel sucking in and pulling up. Some people are stiff in their backs in the twist of side crane so they can’t get the arms far enough over to the thigh your trying to support. So lot’s of twist postures first might help. Remember to keep pulling the knees into the chest, to keep a tucked in shape. Keep drawing the knee closer to the shoulder and up away from the elbow. The closer to the elbow it is, the more likely it will slip off. But also what prevents slipping off is YEP! the ever elusive bandhas. Use a mirror if you can and make sure your elbow sits directly above your wrist, eventually you can fancy it up by straightening the arms, but easiest to learn with the arm bent at a strong 90 degree angle, so that you literally shelf the femur/thigh across the two elbows. One elbow hits the hip corner/greater trochanter and the other hits the ilio-tibial band just above the knee. Which, since your a runner can be a very good pressure point release. Get that knee away from the elbow and toward the arm pit. Pull your forearms towards each other. Women tend to be a little disconnected from their pec muscles. But the pectoral muscles hold the elbows in for us in this pose. If they aren’t working the elbows just kind of fall out from under you, you lose your support. When ready you can go from two elbows to one by pressing the outside of the thigh firmly into that one elbow and lift your hips up. Try and fire your obliques strongly in the one arm version. I hope this helps. Maybe I’ll make a video in the future and shoot it your way. Keep at it, The reward is you will do it and it will be with great joy!

      • Thanks for the tips! I can do Bakasana pretty well but I have not tried side crane. Maybe I will start with that and plus you say it is easier. Even better! Your response was really helpful. Can’t wait to pull my mat out when I get home and give it a try.

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