I’m a new blogger as of January 2012 and am very excited about sharing with all people that find we stand on common ground. I will be sharing my love and 12 years of experience with yoga. My dedication to the practice is unwavering, with my primary study being Ashtanga yoga. I do embrace all yoga. My favorite statement is “some yoga is better then no yoga.” no matter form or style. I find life lessons relatable to the practice of yoga in all things I do, pretty much. So I’m going to share some of my insights, readings, quotes, music and practices with you. I come from a background of sports so I welcome and encourage all athletes to find a little extra room in their routines for yoga as it will keep your love for those sports balanced and healthy. So I’m going to share my lessons of stubbornness, injury and tolerance with you. I’ll will be sharing practices, postures and theories as I feel inspired. I hope you find my thoughts inspiring and useful. This will be a process of growth for me so I look forward to getting past the learning curve and embracing all that is possible thru this forum.

Tim Miller (Ashtanga Yoga Center) has been my primary teacher for 12 years now. I feel lucky to have studied with him so soon into my yoga experience. I am forever grateful for his genuine love of yoga and his endless generosity in sharing his humor and knowledge.

Cathy Pastorek Woods

Tim Miller and Cathy Woods - Encinitas, CA.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Richard

    Just wanted to say thank you for the kindness, authenticity and passion you bring to each class. I am the better person for experiencing you in your dharma.

    • Stand and face the sun.

      Thank you. You feel that too because of what you bring to your practice.

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