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A very exciting workshop!

CrossFit and Yoga, do they work? Absolutely! So many of their principles align. CrossFit believes in having a coach to call you out on bad form and impatience, and yoga believes in having a principal teacher to do the same thing. Both practices believe in showing up to your yoga Studio, and or your Box 6 days a week. No excuses, get it done. They both believe that good form – creates good function. They both believe in not cheating through your weakness to advance. They both believe in learning to use your body as an instrument for exploration of your limits. Because of all these similarities, and more I am excited to be teaching the CrossFit Community what I have learned from being a dedicated student and teacher of yoga for the past 14 years.

I have always been into fitness. From a very young age I wanted to be a bodybuilder. I grew up in the 80’s when Cory Everson was quite the fitness star of her time. I worked hard then, and continue to do so now. I have become a body builder just by a different definition, instead of lifting weights to build my body, I lift myself up off the ground into all sorts of yoga postures. I am making my best possible body built to handle anything.

1989, the summer of bodybuilding.

1989, the summer of bodybuilding.

I have been a runner pretty much since I could walk, well not really, but you know what I mean. I have been a runner longer than I have been a yogi. I have stayed injury free through four marathons because of my years of having a rigorous yoga practice. If you’ve read my past blogs you know that I find parallels between running and yoga. Now I look forward to finding the parallels between yoga and CrossFit. I intend to share all of my hard-earned breakthroughs with the fitness industry, or as I like to call it the “Grateful I have this body industry.”

Pittsburgh Marathon finish 2010.

Pittsburgh Marathon finish 2010.

The reality is the body was designed to do great things. If this weren’t true there wouldn’t be an olympic swimmer breaking a record right now, there wouldn’t be an olympic dead lift weight being conquered this very moment and there sure as heck wouldn’t be another great athlete being voted into another Hall of Fame. The human body is so exquisite and resilient. It’s sadly resilient to obesity as much as it is resilient to being pushed into new feats of disbelief. I have been witnessing feats of strength and flexibility in yoga for 14 years now from my body and others. I have overcome adversities, from a full ruptured L5/S1 6 years ago, to running 3 marathons since then. I don’t accept “no” as a final answer.

If you are not yet inspired to do great things with your body then maybe it’s time to get up and get going to your closest Box or Studio. Your potential is limitless, discover this for yourself.

If you are interested in hosting a similar workshop at your CrossFit Box, contact me for details. If you are interested in attending this workshop see below.
January 17th – 19th 2014
Pittsburgh, PA
Registration is OPEN!

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